Innovation as an Investment

as an Investment

Innovation needs to pay off and needs to bring new value to business. As such we treat it as a form of an investment, not sunk cost. We approach it as a form of value generating exercise and don't believe in innovation that is being done simply for the sake of innovation.


Create new value for customers


We help our clients and business partners outrun their competition, not by competing on existing markets, but rather by creating completely new markets. We enable our partners to design products that bring new value to customers.


Turn innovation chaos into structure


Pressure to do innovation may lead to internal company chaos. Our skilled team and the methodology we bring help our partners to move from this uncertainty to state of understanding and structure. We build innovation engines for our partners that have the ability to deliver and evaluate innovation in lighting pace and put our clients in the position of market innovation leaders.


Who we are


Foccus Design is a young consultancy agency offering our clients and partners structured approach to innovation based on verified and proprietary methodologies. Our clients range from medium size companies to large corporation within various industries like financial services, automotive or sports.


Bohuslav Dohnal

Digital entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and business strategist, experienced with Central & Eastern European markets from Baltics to Balkans.

Jan Gemrich

Product marketing & branding specialist with passion for perfecting customer journeys.

Miroslav Vlasák

Following the market trends, consult and help clients’ board teams to understand business benefits of change and disruptive technology.


Veronika Matoušková

Project & Business Associate and curious data analyst with desk research hero powers.

Jakub Jan Kučera

Managing e-commerce & marketing projects across various industries in CEE and TEDx conference organizer

Petr Hlubina

Digital Product Designer, transforming foggy visions into the intuitive customer experience.


Helena Králová

Back Office executive, lifetime optimist with passion for multitasking and getting things done.

Alena Vejsadová

Project manager, problem solver, startup ninja and president of IPMA Czech Republic

Viola Poloučková

Originally Headhunter, currently Startup Ninja who relentlessly takes a customer perspective and learning to be even better at listening to customers.


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